Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

The choice of tiles in your bathroom can make or break the finish, always ensure they are installed by a competent tiler as well installed tiles can really add to the look of your bathroom.

Tiles are functional in that they will help make the area waterproof, but to many they are primarily for decoration.

Glass, textured, stone, ceramic and porcelain are all available. Sizes vary considerably from very small mosaics to extra large tiles. Some will cost extra to install due to the extra work involved and some will need ongoing maintenance to ensure they stay waterproof.

Add extra colour by using tiles on only some walls, painted or even suitably wall papered walls can give a more individual look. Fully tile the bathroom for a clean streamlined effect. Grey and beige tiles are still very popular in stone effect finishes, but splashes of colour are increasingly popular.

Floor tiles offer a very practical hard wearing solution. In the wet areas of the bathroom you need to consider the slip resistance of the surface, avoid polished shiny surfaces which become very slippy when wet. Some tiles do have extra slip resistance added to their surface.